Oshiro 60mm f2.8 2:1

Canon EF-mount
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After 6 months of use the Oshiro LD UNC 60mm F/2.8 Macro 2:1 lens
4.00 star(s)
Build quality
4.00 star(s)
Ease of use
2.00 star(s)
Value for money
5.00 star(s)
Pros: Really cheap (affordable) comper to big brands like Nikon, Canon, Tamron, Sigma...
Less hassle then the extension tubes .
You have more magnification then a dedicated 1:1 macro lens .You can go to 2:1 magnification.
Internal focusing.
Cons: It is a fully manual lens.
The focusing is takes some muscles since the focus ring is quite stiff .
It is a dark lens. (Doesn't let too much light in to the sensor)
It is a really good lens for the price. (From £137 up)
If you go with a budget lens you have some things to get use to as well as the stiff focusing ring and using a flash or a lower shutter speed.
If you go further the 1:1 the dept of field is very shallow (small) so you will have to stack images or shoot between F8-F22.
I am really glad I bought this lens it isn't for everyone but I am really pleased with the results.
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