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  1. Challenge


    Summer Colours (macro) Challenge
  2. karbsesuu.jpg


    Winner of Extreme Macro Game
  3. Macroderie

    Challenge Extreme Macro

    Hello members, This is a challenge event for members. Please do post the best Extreme Macro images. Rules: 1 entry per photographer. No discussions allowed. Only 5 slots available. Winner: The best image voted by Forum @Mentor , will be added to the Awards photo album and these images...
  4. Greg Shchepanek

    Opened Game Who's Mascot is This?

    Guess the product that has this as their mascot. I will award 20 credits additionally if you can guess and you must give the name of the Product in full. That meaning it's name, then what the product is, colour and the country of origin.
  5. P5270156.JPG


  6. Iso 500  f8.0 .1.320s 2-7124206.jpg

    Iso 500 f8.0 .1.320s 2-7124206.jpg

  7. Ant Limited

    Ant Limited

    Limited game
  8. Ant edition 1

    Ant edition 1

    Ant Limited Challenge
  9. Hoverfly Edition 1

    Hoverfly Edition 1

    Hoverfly Edition 1
  10. Bee Edition Event 1

    Bee Edition Event 1

  11. Spider Event

    Spider Event

  12. D

    Closed Game Weekly challenge 50 Credits to be awarded for the best interpretation

    Here is a jpeg of the original image straight from camera. The wetransfer nef file is Here. No limits, see what you can do. Challenge ends on Thurs 18 th June
  13. D

    Closed Game Next challenge. All welcome there is no right and wrong way!

    See what your imagination can bring to this image. WeTransfer link Here for the nef file
  14. D

    Closed Game New Challenge

    This picture is clear, but very under exposed, I leave you the Wetransfer link if you want to participate to this challenge. It's an easy enough touch-up, be creative. ;)
  15. Shan

    Closed Game What would you do? - Rangoon creeper

    Let the creative juices whatever you want to do :) Mentors to please participate as well as judge!
  16. Jack

    Who will win ? 🤔🤔😊

    Interesting, who will win this month the photo challenge. Thanks for @Hugo Marques and @Andy Taylor LRPS who won last month challenge. What do you think, who from members can win this month :)?