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  1. Jack

    Plugins Clicky Analytics 1.0.1

    Hello. This plugin is only design and made for Koken CMS, How to install: 1. Download the file. 2. Unzip the file to your desktop. 3. Upload the folder to FTP server www/storage/plugins. 4. Login to admincp and activate the plugin. 5. Rest fill everything out which is required.
  2. Jack

    Theme Elementary theme - Koken 2.0.0

    This is a simple theme for Koken CMS. Very simple to install: 1. Download the file. 2. Unzip the file. 3. Access the FTP server. 4. Upload the ''elementary'' folder to: www/ storage/themes Once you uploaded the folder, go to admin panel, and activate the theme, Now all done :).