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  1. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Hide and seek - Longhorn Beetle ( Pempsamacra dispersa)

    This photo is about a year old. At the end of a long bushwalking and shooting session at a park I saw this beetle in some foliage, I wanted a better shot where I could see its face clearly but as we were about to leave, this was the best I could manage while it played hide and seek. Shot on my...
  2. L

    Your opinion? Cetonia aurata

    A gem insect!Nikon D7500
  3. L

    Your opinion? I like this little beetle

    Trichius gallicus. But he did not want to take the head out of the bramble flower from which he eats the pollen
  4. L

    Your opinion? Polydrusus

  5. Greg Shchepanek

    The Beautiful World of Beetles: Welcome to Coleoptera

    The Coleoptera, with about 400,000 species, is the largest of all orders, constituting almost 40% of described insects and 25% of all known animal life-forms; new species are discovered frequently. Will first feature Blister/Oil Beetles: Oil beetles exude an oily substance from the joints of the...
  6. Greg Shchepanek

    Others The Beautiful World of Beetles

    @Jack & @Shan Can I get this thread deleted it double posted on me, thank you. Dark Blister Beetle (Epicauta murina) on Virgin's Bower (Clematis virginiana) Alleyn-et-Cawood, Québec, Canada. Longhorns Tiger Beetles LadyBugs Fireflies Blister/Oil Beetles
  7. rcorteschile

    Your opinion? Rhyephenes humerails

    We call "Caballito" - little horse - to this insect. Magnification 3X ISO 200, 1/4 sec. LED lights, homemade diffusers Lomo 3,7X microscope lens + 160 mm extension tubes Manual micrometric rail Stacked in Helicon Focus, method C Photoshop