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  1. R

    Your opinion? Winged Tarantula (Antheraea Polyphemus)

    I had two(2) visitors in the past 2 weeks and I had to take some pictures of them. I am not a Macro photographer, but this had to be done and I am actually liking it. I got a male and female Moth Antheraea polyphemus. Hope is of your liking.
  2. Greg

    Closed Theme Colors : Yellow/Green Theme

    Subject: Colors Yellow/Green Start: 10/09/2020 Rules: Share a picture where the two main colors are yellow and green Image must be taken by you. (You have rights over the image). Posts: One image per reply, and posts as many as you wish. End: 13/09/2020 Let me start :
  3. Helix_2648

    Photoshop LAB sharpening

    Dear members, I want to start a new tutorial based on our new resource platform. Thanks to @Jack for supporting us with the new retreated platform for tutorials and resources. Maybe it's not new for some of you, but I think it's worth to write a short tutorial about it. It's about the best...
  4. DuncanLPP

    Others COSMOS | Series

    Good morning to all I would like to share with you my current macro project that I have called COSMOS. COSMOS is all about colours, shapes and expressions. I hope that you will enjoy this first picture. EXIFS : Fujifilm XT-3 + XF 80mm Macro Lens + Flash Godox V1 f/11 ISO 200 1/250s Flash...
  5. Mareckitx

    Others Toothpicks