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  1. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? Autumn colors

    Light and colors are important for us and therefor we're searching for them. I found them in the forest combined in just one picture for you. Hopefully you like it. Macrolepiota procera:
  2. Greg

    Closed Theme Colors : Yellow/Green Theme

    Subject: Colors Yellow/Green Start: 10/09/2020 Rules: Share a picture where the two main colors are yellow and green Image must be taken by you. (You have rights over the image). Posts: One image per reply, and posts as many as you wish. End: 13/09/2020 Let me start :
  3. P

    Your opinion? multi-color...

    Was invited to join this community. So i did... :) Results from last sunday, hope you like it.
  4. Carrot Lim Choo How

    Your opinion? Robberfly

  5. Carrot Lim Choo How

    Your opinion? Spider With Prey

  6. Mareckitx

    Your opinion? Field flowers

    Shot taken in Poland 2012 F5.0 S1/125 ISO200 Nikon D300s + Nikkor 105 mm ( btw love that lens )
  7. Mareckitx

    Closed Game What this is ? Nr6

    S1/80 F4.8 ISO 1250