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  1. IMG_20210517_204449.jpg


    Blooming in the dark. Nikon D700 + Tamron 90mm
  2. Alone in the woods.

    Alone in the woods.

    A single ladybug 🐞 wondering around. Captured with a Nikon D700. 1/160 F32 Iso 640
  3. My little buddy from work :)

    My little buddy from work :)

    Captured with my old Nikon D700 and a Tamron 90mm + Raynox 250. Also this is my first focus stacked picture 3 picture stacked.
  4. Bihari

    Want critique Ice ball

  5. Bihari

    Your opinion? My little buddy in the spotlight.

  6. 20210131-DSC_9750.jpg


    Taken with an old school 13 years old camera 📸 D700 F32 1/100 iso200
  7. Bihari

    Your opinion? B&W Drop

  8. DSC_7795.jpg


  9. Bihari

    Your opinion? Dream land.

  10. Bihari

    Your opinion? Locust on a leaf.

  11. Bihari

    Want critique Christmas edition

  12. DSC_7935.jpg


    Little ladybird D700 Tamron 90mm F33 1/100 ISO320
  13. Bihari

    Your opinion? Happy wife Happy life. 😄

  14. Bihari

    Want critique First 1:2 macro with my Nikkor 28-105mm.

    Fare from perfect rather interesting. What do you think?
  15. Bihari

    Your opinion? Edited or not edited version do you prefer more?

    Edited Unedited
  16. Bihari

    Want critique A little visitor during the Lockdown.

  17. Bihari

    Your opinion? Little feather on the leaf. 🍁

  18. Bihari

    Your opinion? What is the name of this creature?

  19. Bihari

    Want critique With my new old D700 :D