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  1. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Australian Bronze Jumping Spider

    I have regular visits from these little cute spiders, there is a few spots around my house where I know where to find them at most times. I got one that lives on a little cactus on my window seal for example. One of my favourite macro subjects, very active and curious. The photo is about 6...
  2. Shan

    Others what do you guys feel? - Rusted Nail

    Here is a rusted nail, which i liked for its color and texture. subject size: 20mm f32 1/320 90mm macro lens 68mm extention tube handheld d7200 camera manual external speedlight. A4 paper reflector
  3. Shan

    Your opinion? Cotton stainer bug

    i was fooling around with the 60mm extention + 90mm macro lens. All of a sudden i found this guy. Didnt give me a chance to dismount the extention tubes.... hanheld camera + handheld external speedlight