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  1. JEWEL BUG- the most colorful insect.jpg

    JEWEL BUG- the most colorful insect.jpg

    The Jewel bug holds all the colors of nature, from head to toe. Not only its top but also its belly also colorful which can be revealed by this reflection photography.


    A focus-stacked image of a bumblebee.
  3. Abe Maaijen

    Want critique Herald stack

    The herald (Scoliopteryx libatrix) is a moth of the family Erebidae. I made this picture while this mot was sleeping.
  4. G

    Want critique Needle

    I saw the idea on another site and wanted to reproduce it. Stacked with Helicon Focus, LR+PS adjustments.
  5. Laszlo.kladni

    Your opinion? Marumba quercus

    She was sitting on my left index finger. These big moths are amazing to handheld (it had a 10 cm wingspan). Handheld stack Sony A7II+Laowa 25 mm f/2.8 2.5-5x Ultra Macro+2 diffused flashes
  6. Laszlo.kladni

    Your opinion? Aglais Io

    Aglais Io Sony A7II+bellows+AmScope 4x Objective lens ISO100, 1/200s ~13000 exposures in 174 groups stacked and stitched Total size: 58241x40000 pixels (2,3 Gigapixels)
  7. Baenki

    Want critique Chinese Lantern (Physalis alkekengi)

    This is a stack of 114 raw images. I found Affinity Photo to be handling them better than .tif. I used a black shirt as background. Main light source from the side was a white LED panel, additionally I used my phone's flashlight from the bottom. Color edits, detail sharpening as well as clarity...
  8. Greg

    Your opinion? Spider stack of 3

    Here i go again ^^ I took this spied, some wind too ... But i start to train on focus stacking, so here is a stack of 3 ^^
  9. Greg

    Your opinion? First handhelded stack

    Hi ! Here is my first handhelded stack of 18 pictures. I just shoot it now, i stacked with photoshop, but I'm not a pro ... As you can see, something is staying and i don't know how to remove this ... if i can have some help, here is the picture
  10. Helix_2648

    Focus bracketing with the Canon EOS 90D

    Hi all together, I was asked by some members to explain them the new focus bracketing function of my new Canon EOS 90D. Unfortunately, I had to give up my idea of a video because I was missing a few hands to hold the camera and my smartphone. :) But it's really easy to understand! Even in text...
  11. SMRB Photography

    Your opinion? Dandelion & first attempt at stacking

    Taken using Nikon D7500 with 35mm prime and Raynox-DCR-250. 5 shots stacked using Affinity - F8, 1/100s, ISO100. CC welcome.
  12. grphotog641

    Others Fishing Lure

    Focus Stack of 24 images. D500 w/ Sigma 105mm macro. f/9. 1/250s, ISO-7200
  13. grphotog641

    Others Baseball

    73 images captured using Helicon Remote and stacked using Helicon Focus. Shot with D500 with Sigma 105mm macro. f/4.5, 1/320s, 105mm, ISO400
  14. grphotog641

    Your opinion? Dandelion Focus Stack

    A couple versions of an 18-image focus stack. I am a B&W photographer at heart and like how the lines and textures stand out in the B&W version. Besides, it's a lot easier when you don't have to fight with white balance. ;)