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glowing mushroom

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  1. Baenki

    Your opinion? Glowshroom

    As they say: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Today I got inspired by @Helix_2648's amazing glowing mushrooms to try one myself: This is my first attempt at stacking multiple exposures and painting out the parts I need. It's a combination of 3 images, all shot at the same...
  2. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? Glowing mushrooms (Clitocybe)

    Hi 🍄-fellows, yes, I did it again. I hope you like it! Have fun, Jörg
  3. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? Glowing fly-agaric (Amanita muscaria)

    Even if everyone knows that the fly-agaric is poisonous it's still one of the most beautiful mushrooms which i know. I found this one some days ago and it's my first try with a glowing fly agaric! Hope you like it!
  4. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? Glowing honey fungus (Armillaria ostoyae)

    Hi 🍄 - fellows and fans of mushrooms! I want to share my newest pictures with you! Have fun, Jörg
  5. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? The proud loney one

    This one is my latest picture of a glowing mushroom. Made as a douple exposure stack with Adobe Lightroom, Helicon Focus, Adobe Photoshop and Topaz Studio 2. Hope you like it. I still habe two pictures in the pipeline but I've to finish the post-processing.
  6. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? Glowing fly amanita (Amanita citrina)

    Hi fellows! Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoy my mushroom picture... with passion for you!
  7. Helix_2648

    Guide How to shoot and edit pictures of glowing mushrooms 1.0

    Dear fellows and mushroom fans! I'm really proud to present to all of you my new tutorial about everything which you need to great pictures of glowing mushrooms! Please find the PDF attached (blue button to the upper right on your screen) or here: Download Hopefuly you like it! Best...
  8. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? Framed glowing

    My dear friends, with pride I would like to present you my new glowing mushroom picture. I already explained my composition in @Chavezshutter post about compositions (Link). Hope you like it!
  9. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? Magic is only a question of faith

    I can spend hours and hours in a forum just walking around and searching for mushrooms. It is this time for me where I'm totally relaxed and where I find my ideas. Sometimes it's not easy to find mushrooms these days as it's till too dry but magic can be found everywhere if you're just searching...
  10. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? The light from inside

    Hi all together, I want to share my first mushroom pictures from this autumn with you. Hopefully you like it. I added some pictures from my setup to whom it may concern. The secret to get the light effect is a flash light and a stack with and one without it. So you can merge both pictures...
  11. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? Glowing mushroom head in front of an old tree trunk

    Not one of the best compositions, but nevertheless wprth to show it to you.