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  1. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? Damselfly (Coenagrion)

    #damselfly #Coenagrion #meadow #summer
  2. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? Layia platyglossa

    Hi fellow, this one is a bit older but I hope you like my wild meadow flower. #layiaplatyglossa #meadow #summer #colors Have fun, Jörg
  3. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? Notostira elongata on a grass blade

    Hi to all insect fans! I hope you like this little Notostira elongata as much as me. I found it some month ago in a beautiful meadow which was full of life in the late afternoon! Have fun and stay healthy! Jörg
  4. Helix_2648

    Landscape Morning fog

    I really enjoy to go to work by bike because of such moments...
  5. Helix_2648

    Siler strech spider (Tetragnatha montana)

    Siler strech spider (Tetragnatha montana) found in a mwadow near my house. Detmold, Germany Canon EOS 90D + Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM * ISO400, f,/5.0, 1/125s (stacked)
  6. Helix_2648

    Your opinion? Mayflower (Cardamine pratensis)

    Hi * all, hope you enjoy my mayflower (is it the right english word for this flower?) Regards, Jörg