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  1. nataliaflejszar&Photo

    Your opinion? Not quiete macro but quite close .. ;) and taken by macro lens useing...

    Iso 1250 , f.4. ,1/320s Manual control, Olympus omd em markIII . Lins olympus macro 60mm,2.8. One of my favouries typs of photography.. Too much tired to write more :D . I think that I can wish you good night ;) . I don't be able today to stay to 3am.. :D sorry, bed time zoon :ROFLMAO...
  2. nataliaflejszar&Photo

    Photoshop CC 2020, bluring filters experiments

    Hei. Here is something that you can like.. :D I like to play with Photoshop, especially with bluring filters, there we can find a lot of good and useful filters.. Here with the photo exemple , I would like to show you one of them :cool: The first photo with basic edition in Adobe...
  3. nataliaflejszar&Photo

    Your opinion? I need you halp and you opinion, which one you like more? any critique is too welcome

    I really need your help 🙏 :LOL:. I've done three diffrent editings of the one photo You can help me so much, when you say me. which one you like ,and will be wonderful, when you say why :) Here are the pictures: The first photo: It's original shoot, only exported form RAW to JPG in...