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  1. JustSlipAway

    Your opinion? California Sunset

    I took this one last night and including the before edit shot as well. I got some colour swatches for christmas so I was playing around with a handful of other colours and just really enjoy this combination. I left some of my ink and syrup mixture out for a couple days and it dried out a bit and...
  2. Greg

    Your opinion? Pink Flower

    Hi ! Today the weather was rainy, But a flower is born on my balcony, So I tried to shoot it, was not easy, Wich one do you prefere, that's will make me happy ! I like rimes :p
  3. Pierrot le Loup

    Your opinion? Pink lady

  4. Little-em

    Your opinion? Pink rose.

    Can’t remember what shutter speed is I e tried looking for the info an can not find it. my pink rose
  5. Little-em

    Apple African daisy iPhone x

    iPhone X f/1.8 4.00mm iso25
  6. Ruth Tomlinson

    Your opinion? New to Macro Derie