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  1. Laura

    Your opinion? Queen's crown

    Using no mechanical means I was able to capture this umbrella crown last night. A very simple set up with my macro lens on a tripod, remote trigger, 2 speedlights and a wooden dowel holding a pippet stick.
  2. BlueLines.jpg


    The splash-back from a water drop. The level of clarity in this image is extraordinary.
  3. Luca85

    Splash art

    Good evening everyone, new splash images drops made today !! :) Exif data: Iso 100 105mm f/18 1/250sec tripod Exif data: iso 100 105mm f/18 1/250sec tripod Regards Luca
  4. Darren

    Your opinion? Water drops

    Who else tries different things out and gets unexpected results? Traditional off camera speed light, combined with an LED flash