tamron sp 90mm f / 2.8 di macro 1: 1 vc usd

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  1. Green been

    Green been

    This picture is captured at: F25 1/160 Iso 400 With : NIKON D7100 Tamron 90mm VC USD Yongnuo YN685
  2. 20210816-DSC_3985.jpg


    Last portrait of a Bumblebee
  3. Bihari

    Your opinion? Last portrait of a Bumblebee.

    I found this little guy in my garden, unfortunately he wasn't a live 😔
  4. Bihari

    Your opinion? Sunday dinner 🕷️

  5. IMG_20200919_174028.jpg


    My little buddy /╲/\╭(•‿•)╮/\╱\
  6. Bihari

    Your opinion? Unedited pictures straight out of a 12MP camera 😜

  7. Bihari

    Want critique Baby hoverfly in the grass.

  8. IMG_20210517_204449.jpg


    Blooming in the dark. Nikon D700 + Tamron 90mm
  9. Alone in the woods.

    Alone in the woods.

    A single ladybug 🐞 wondering around. Captured with a Nikon D700. 1/160 F32 Iso 640
  10. Bihari

    Your opinion? My little buddy in the spotlight.

  11. Bihari

    Your opinion? B&W Drop

  12. Bihari

    Your opinion? Locust on a leaf.

  13. Bihari

    Want critique Christmas edition

  14. Bihari

    Want critique Tamron reflection .

  15. Guardian of the leaf

    Guardian of the leaf

    F32 1/160 iso320
  16. Bihari

    Your opinion? Guardian of the leaf.

  17. Bihari

    Your opinion? Will you take me home?

  18. Bihari

    Want critique First day with my New Tamron SP 90mm Di VC USD (f004)

  19. D

    Good Timing

    iso 2OO, f11, 1/160, Flash
  20. D

    Lasiommata Megera

    iso 200, f11, 1/160 , Flash