water macro

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  1. Ray Paul

    Your opinion? splash art

    splash art using Splash Art 2 machine
  2. Larellh

    Your opinion? Water Doplets on a cell phone screen

    So I was using a couple old cell phones as shiny black surfaces for some product photography I was doing...When I ended up with some water droplets on the screen and decided to take a shot of that. When I imported it into Lightroom and looked at it 1:1, I was able to see such incredible detail...
  3. G

    Your opinion? Drops on leafes

    Theese are some photos I took with my old camere and a 50mm lens and extension tubes.
  4. NotmeyouFOOL

    No Storm Troopers where hurt.

    It may look like I'm torturing a storm trooper but he's fine...I promise. I've been experimenting with ink in water and I have this idea of a helmet surrounded my milky wavy black ink. Needs more experimenting.
  5. Andy Taylor LRPS

    Others Water colour pencils

    The pencils were placed in a glass, photographed, the the image turned upside down and a reflection added