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  1. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Blowfly

    Olympus OM-D E-M1MarkIII- M. Zuiko 60mmf2.8 - 1/2 sec - iso100 - f/2.8. 100 photos Light: daylight only Joby Gorillapod 3K It concerns a dead fly, found in the garden.
  2. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Horse fly

    A Horse fly on the car window. Horseflies do not sting but bite a piece out of your skin. Olympus OM-D E-M1MarkIII- M.Zuiko 60mmf2.8 - 1/160 - iso100 - f/2.8 Stack of fifteen photos Handheld Daylight
  3. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Wolf spider

    I myself am afraid of spiders. Still, I think it's cool to take macro photos of them as long as they are smaller than 10mm. Olympus E-M1MarkIII Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm macro 1/125 F/4 iso 100 Stack of fifteen photos by hand. Daylight
  4. J

    Photography Wildlife Photography Competition - deadline 31st August

    Hi All, Just thought I'd share this Wildlife Photography Competition in case anyone's interested. I saw a post saying they hadn't had many entries to the invert category so it might be worth a go. It's a charity thing, so there is an entry fee, but all the money goes to conservation. Looks...
  5. Greg Shchepanek

    Your opinion? Wise One of the Woods

    American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus) Nopiming Game Sanctuary, Arnprior, Ontario, Canada. Taken on August 15, 2020. #Amphibian #toad #wildlife Canon EOS M100 • EF-M28mm f/3.5 MACRO IS STM • ƒ/3.5 28.0 mm 1/60 400 Flash (off, did not fire)
  6. Ron Westbroek

    Wildlife Lynx

    The photo was taken in an animal park in Germany. Biotopwildpark Anholter Schweiz
  7. Ron Westbroek

    Birds Common Kestrel (male)

    This Kestrel was not afraid at all, I could approach him up to 10 meters. The background is a reed collar
  8. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? How a stack works with Olympus

    For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about when I mention focus stacking, I'll try to explain it here. Working close-up to a subject reduces the depth of field quite a bit, which can be lovely, but sometimes we need a bit more of the subject in focus to do it justice. During a focus...
  9. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Dung Fly between the dew drops

    The photo is taken out of hand again. The Olympus five-axis image stabilization is so incredibly good that you don't actually need a tripod during the day. And I have a steady hand even if I say so myself and that also makes a difference.
  10. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Map Butterfly

  11. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Willow Emerald Damselfly

    Here you see three of the same photos. The original on full frame, one at 50% crop and one at 100% crop, not bad I thought. Original 50% crop 100% crop
  12. Ron Westbroek

    Birds Red-backed Shrike

    Red-backed Shrike with a Lizard as prey.
  13. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Mating wheel of the damselflies

    E-M1MarkIII, Olympus 60mmf/2.8, 1/160, iso100, f/2.8 Stack of fifteen photos in the camera and natural light. There is movement in the wings of the right Damsel but the wind was blowing quite hard wind force 6.
  14. Ron Westbroek

    National Park Konik horses

    Sunday in the National Park Brabantse Biesbosch where you can just meet Konik horses on and along the road, but also the Scottish Highlander, Foxes, Water buffaloes E-M1MarkII, Olympus 40-150mmf/2.8, F/4.5, iso 100, 1/500, 52mm E-M1MarkII, Olympus 7-14mmf/2.8, F/4.5, iso 100, 1/800, 14mm...
  15. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Ladybird

  16. Ron Westbroek


    Sometimes a photo is just right, even if I say so myself :)
  17. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Ladybird

    E-M1MarkIII (Yes I have the new one) Olympus 60mmf/2.8macro, 1/100, iso100, f/2.8. Stack of fifteen photos Hand held
  18. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Dungfly

  19. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Housefly

  20. Ron Westbroek

    Camera Black-tailed Skimmer

    E-M1MarkII, M.Zuiko 60mmf/2.8 macro, 1/80sec, iso 100, f/2.8, Stack of fifteen photos in camera, Hand held