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2x of jumping spider

Handheld stack of 8 picture, merged in Helicon focus
Laowa 65mm f/2.8 2Xx Ultra Macro
Blitz and diffuser
ISO 400 - 1/60 - f/11
2021-10-18 12-43-04 (B,Radius5,Smoothing5).jpg
ISO 400 - 1/60 - f/11


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3:58 PM
Apr 20, 2020
Holy shit! Wow! Blows my little brain out of my head! That's outstanding!
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New Member
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3:58 PM
Jul 13, 2021
Really nice result. You could use a higher speed or ISO with flash.
Thanks you! I used a flash with a diffuser. When you say higher speed you mean 1/125 or even higher? Higher speed usually makes the background darker. I used 400 ISO to not have to use to high power on the flash to be able to shoot faster :)