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Your opinion? A Simple Water Drop

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New Member
Jan 23, 2021
Photographing water drops is an interesting endeavor. Like traditional macro photography critical focus, focal plane, good flash illumination, and diffusion is required. This form of photography is considered high speed so lessons learned in flash pulse duration are applicable to high magnification macro. Unlike macro flash output needs to be as low as possible, in the case of this photo 1/64 power on dual flashes. Using dual flashes introduces timing issues when using my cheap wireless triggers, timing differences of a millisecond or two manifest as ghosting. My solution was to cable both flashes to the camera via PC sync cables. This image was taken using a medicine dropper to disperse the water drop. The drop falls through a laser trigger which fires the camera at a user defined time. The hint of blue is from dye in the water pan from a previous session.

Image specs: Single Shot Table Mounted 180mm - f/22 - SS 1/200 - ISO200 - Dual flashes with plexiglass diffuser panel for ceiling lights.

simple drop.jpg


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Apr 20, 2020
That's for sure a very interesting alternative if you've enough time and space for the equiment. The picture with the mirror effect looks for sure really cool. I'm very impressed by this.
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