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A stacked image of a weevil I found in Seattle

Here's a 13 image stack of a Weevil I found in Seattle, WA. INat says it is a Sthereus horridus and can only be found in the Pacific Northwest

OM-1, Laowa 50mm, Godox v350o, Cygnustech Diffuser. Completely manual handheld stack.

In Feb 2022, I bought myself my first "real" camera, and decided I wanted to learn photography. I've always loved taking pictures and composition with my mobile phone, figured I could get some better results with a real camera. Now that...
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Manufacturer: OM Digital Solutions
Model: OM-1
Software: Adobe Lightroom 5.4 (Macintosh)
Date and Time: 2022:07:05 06:30:21
Shutter Speed: 6.32 EV (1/80 sec.)
Aperture: 5.66 EV (f/7.1)
Focal Length: 50.0 mm
Color Space: sRGB
Lens Model: LAOWA MFT50mm f/2.8 C-Dreamer