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Asian Wasp Close Up

I came across a dead wasp earlier in the week and thought I would try a close up of it's head. It's a shame it was dead, but I have to take advantage when I can as not much chance of getting close up to these when they are alive.
Canon R5, Mp65 at 3x macro, Flash was Canon macro Twin Lite MT-26EX, and images were 1/100sec, ISO 100, F/10, 20 images stacked in Affinity photo and processed in Photoshop.


  • Waspface_02_2048.jpg
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Hi, I was born in Mansfield, UK and have spent most of my adult life living and working across the Middle East and Asia. I recently decided to resign from working in Dubai, where I have spent the past 30 years, to spend more time at home with...
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Andy Smith

New Member
Sep 17, 2021
Holy shit! The details are just perfect. No halos or other layer errors! That's so great!
Thanks Helix_2648. I like stacking in Affinity as it gives a good option of repairing the image after stacking, I tried other software like Helicon & Zerene from their free trials, but found I got just as good (If not better sometimes) images from Affinity and probably quicker also.
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Helix_2648 commented
Good to know! But now I've a lifetime license... šŸ™‚