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Dark Giant Horsefly - Tabanus sudeticus

Horsefly, found clinging to the wheel of my car in the UK Lake District. Photos taken using Wemacro rail, Sony A7 III, Laowa 25mm 2.5x - 5x. Focus stacked in Helicon Focus. Any constructive criticism welcome - I'm still quite new to macro photography, and to this site. Thanks.


  • 2022-07-06 11-44-29 (B,R12,S4).jpg
    2022-07-06 11-44-29 (B,R12,S4).jpg
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  • 20220704-2022-07-04 20-48-00 (B,R8,S4).jpg
    20220704-2022-07-04 20-48-00 (B,R8,S4).jpg
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  • 20220704-2022-07-04 21-48-55 (C,S4).jpg
    20220704-2022-07-04 21-48-55 (C,S4).jpg
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  • 20220704-DSC01176.jpg
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