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Feb 5, 2021
Jumping spiders are the largest group of spiders on Earth, with over 6,200 species

The eyes of jumping spiders have a decidedly odd arrangement :~ Two smaller eyes bracket two large eyes that rest in the center of their rectangular heads

But it’s their four oversized eyes that give them impeccable eyesight - the smaller set of eyes provide a wide angle view and a sense of motion, while the larger, primary eyes in the center of the spider's head provide a massive amount of detail in color and the best spatial acuity of any animal of similar body size.9 As an added bonus, the spiders' retinas can swivel on their own, allowing the spider to look around without moving its head

Even though they don’t possess ears or ear drums, jumping spiders have great hearing ~10 Sensory hairs along their bodies take in the vibration of sound waves, an action that sends signals to the spiders' brains - studies shows that vibrations sent the spiders’ neurons firing, even vibrations that originated as far as 10 feet away, leading them to conclude that the spiders could feel the sound waves


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May 9, 2020
And you forgot to say that they're able to see at about 2m which is enormous regarding their small size.
You spider is really nice. I would have put it on the left because she's looking at the right but we're not able to do all we want with those
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