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A story contains pieces of spiritual, emotional and creativity all together. This way you can read and understand the writer's views and the spirit.
Hello friends,
Here is my first article here, hoping I will make it short and straight to the point.
So here I start...

Last year on March 15th I took my backpack with my photo stuff and went to a sort of public park with a lake in the middle of it.
During spring time - starting from mid March to maybe - at best - mid April we have the chance to see these violet flowers - hyacinth - growing in the forest part of the park - they are wild flowers and there are thousdands of them.
The way I like to shoot them - of course is by laying down flat on the belly, and trying to play with the natural elements.
It's quite easy to shoot them they don't move apart from the windy days; the photo gear I used: my camera - Canon 5D, a simple macro lens - Canon 100mm and sometimes I use the 70-200mm from Canon if I want to play with more surrounding elements.

The secret here is to play with the high grass, sometimes with the trees in the background; the sky if you take them from even a lower angle.

So here are some raw pictures and a video (hope it's working for the video format) of these cute blue bells - hyacinth flowers.

1/ at their beginning right after they bloomed a bit.




3/ almost at the end of their time.


video - in the link


Hoping you enjoyed reading my first article; feel free to ask me any questions if you want to.
Best regards.



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Apr 20, 2020
Oh god I love these pictures! I started last year with my first tries to photograph flowers in an artificial way and I'm really satisfied with the first results. I'll add more pictures later on.

Thank you so much for this wonderful article and your input!
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