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Sony 90 mm f/2.8 macro G OSS

E-mount camera type A6000 séries and A7 series
Macro and portrait
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Love Macro
Staff member
Mar 13, 2020
I never use to own a Sony lens, but I don’t know how better and compete they are with canon macro lenses.

Bart the belgian

New Member
May 17, 2020
I never use to own a Sony lens, but I don’t know how better and compete they are with canon macro lenses.
Hi Jack,
I don't have any canon lenses. I have a few tamron lenses wich are not bad at all. I use for exemple the 24-70 on my full frame. The quality is not the same but maybe it's related with the fact that I use thé tamron everywhere ans yess it suffers
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Staff member
Aug 4, 2020
This is my main go to lens for my macro work.

I use this lens with my a7iii and for me its one of my favourite lens in the Sony lineup. It is considered one of the standout lenses in the G series (non GM).

The focus push pull AF/Manual ring took some getting used to at the start but now I do it without thinking and i do like it. It comes with focus limiter switch as well as a OSS stabilisation on/off switch.

It also has a customizeable button that is set to Focus hold by default but your'e free to assign it to any function you wish.

I use this lens almost exclusively for macro work but I have noticed when using the full focus range and using it for portrait it can miss the eye when using eye AF just as Bart the belgian Bart the belgian has noticed, most shots were sharp but now and then specially in low light and/or low contrast it may miss a shot now and then. I'm told the lens is decent in video too but I can't confirm as i do little to no video at all.

The other issue I encountered with it were due to learning pains when using tube extensions but those were down to user error and the extra things that come into play when you try to get closer. It's not a light lens but it is solidly built and has great sharpness and natural colour.

This is a lens which i see myself using for quite a long time.
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New Member
Nov 12, 2020
I've shot macro for years with Canon 100mm and 180mm; when switching to Sony these were the only two Canon lenses I kept. The performance of the Canon 100 is excellent but I'm finding myself going more and more to the Sony 90mm and will consider selling the Canon soon. Now, I wish that Sony would come out with a longer length macro! It may just be my limited experience but, generally, it seems that native lenses provide the top performance.
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