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Welcome to the beautiful North of Europe :)
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Apr 18, 2020
In the forum have been so many great spiders🕷 shoots form around of the world🌎🌍🌏, that I need to share too something own :)

Here are my first photos of spider, taken in 9.2018, In Finland, Oulu, in the forest close my home .
I don\t know name of them but I need to start to study about my models :), althouh from Finland in the start where I have been living already and later from my fatherland Poland🇵🇱 :D :D

The photos are for sharing and they aren\t so excellent I know, but the first one :) . But opinions and critique are always welcome 😉
My goal for the summer is shoot as much af finnsh insects as possible, and when I bought more new, useful equipments in last time for them , it can be intrested journay. So, I need to only wait, when they wake up, here in the North we are still waiting for them 😉 🇫🇮🌨🌬☃

Hämähäkki lehdellä.jpg a