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Camera Your thoughts about Sony cameras

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The member want's to discuss body camera model specified in the topic.

Greg Shchepanek

Monthly VIP
Apr 20, 2020
Mini-pros take up very little room in my camera bag...so they make for perfect backups...and I need backups for where I venture to do my photography.


New Member
May 5, 2020
I use a Sony A7II and love the adaptability of the Sony cameras, after using a Canon Eos 600D for a few years the Sony blew me away. Being able to adapt any manufacturers lenses to the Sony opened up a whole new world and allowed my creativity to expand.
On the macro side having focus peaking and being able to zoom in with the EVF to check focus as well as having the EVF compensate for your settings so the viewfinder doesn't get dark makes macro photography a dream to shoot.