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Guide Bubble & Drop Lenses - Refraction basics

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This is a guide/tutorial to help members to understand better the art of macro or general photography.
This is a short article for anyone who is interested in using refraction techniques in their macro;

I use both droplets and bubbles for my refraction abstracts. Refraction can be done horizontally like in this picture: [ATTACH type="full"...
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  1. Water & Bubble Lenses - Refraction Basics

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Very great ! thx ! I love it, i wanna do this before but nothing goods at the final ... i will try later !
Good luck, let me know how it goes and if you have questions ask me anytime
Really appreciate your time and effort putting into this tutorial . I’m really sure that this will be really useful for those who wants to try this style. Once again thanks for sharing this guide.
No problem at all Jack, cheers.