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This is a guide/tutorial to help members to understand better the art of macro or general photography.
These water drops are a product of Snaperture, the all-in-one camera trigger device. No wet-lab is required for this product; you can get results like these in any setting. Snaperture allows you to determine when the drops are released, in relation to the shutter firing, to the nearest millisecond. The reliability and repeatability of the system are amazing and the captures are full-bodied, rather than stringy umbrella shapes.
This product is quite unique in that it has been in use for years, and reached maturity as a hobby activity. As such, it has been finely tuned to give the maximum functionality and ease of use.
Setting up Snaperture is a breeze, and everything is supplied to have you up and running in no time, right out of the box. To use, you simply make choices from a menu on your smartphone app. Read more about Snaperture in the FORUMS/GROUP->SPONSORSHIP section.
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