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Homemade diffuser
Easy to make it fit other flashes
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I made it as easy as possible.Used poster out of thick paper. Made it out of four parts and used tape to add everything together.
2x Sides same dimmensions
1x Top part: Flash side made for specific flash to mount it on (easy to make it universal for all); Front was made wider, 2cm on both sides wider than bottom part and longer (angle depends on everyone differently)
1x Bottom part: Same as top part, but I made it as long as the lens and 2cm wider on both sides than flash mount.
Everything taped together.


For inside I used few plastic plates to make it more stiff and I used aluminum tape to get that reflection.


Not the hardest part is front diffusion. Was very hard to find something usefull that I have at home. Simple A4 paper is too dark and eat too much light. ⛔ Do not recommend using A4 copy paper⛔
I found that simple baking paper is perfect for this, but it's harder to mount it on front. Tape or duct tape peels off easy from it. And there is another paper is very good for diffusion. People allways throw it out, but now I think you will not😄 You know that white paper which one is inside the new shoes when you buy? Exactly, that paper. It holds on front better than baking paper and does job very good. But still I'm still in search for the perfect material for front diffusion👌
Well I hope I made it as simple as possible and if you are interested in making one and dont know where and how to start. I can write dimmensions on paper and you can adjust for your flash/lens👍


Thick paper
Front diameter 22cm
Camera battery is heavier
Build cost
Less than 20$

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This diffuser looks very great to me , very creative, and for probably could cost less if some materials you own at home. My opinion is, as long is does the job, than is good . Maybe you should work a bit more on design, apart from that looks good to me :)

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