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  1. Greg

    Opened Theme Bubbles Photo Theme

    Hi ! I hope you are well ! Here is a funny, and easy photo theme ! You just need soap or shampoo, and water :p Subject: One or many bubbles Rules: Post only macro images, all photos must be taken by you Posts: One photo per post End: When the theme will die :p Here is one of my picture, my...
  2. Greg

    Others Blop Blop :)

    I really like the result of bubbles macro pictures :)
  3. Mugur

    Your opinion? Bubble Gum

    12-50 kit lens in so called "macro mode" 43mm - hand held, no stacking, single JPEG L-SF, ISO 200, F6, 1/1250s - Front, back and side view of "suspect": a fly that seem to chew a bubble gum
  4. bubble3FB.jpg


    Soap bubble :)
  5. Andy Taylor LRPS

    Others Bubble and splash