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  1. T

    Your opinion? Female Silver Studded Blue taken in the New Forest UK

    After having found these in great numbers we discovered on a MidSummer evening that the Female was beautiful in this light when she opened up her wings.
  2. mariela_mentizi_photo

    Your opinion? Butterfly..

    I used a close-up filter for this capture..
  3. Silver-washed Fritillaries paired

    Silver-washed Fritillaries paired

    A common butterfly in July and August, I caught these two pairing-
  4. Desc1234

    Your opinion? Scarce Swallowtails at a dried up brook.

    This is an endangered species, protected by law in the EU. It's always a pleasure to spot, much less photograph one of these. Here we have two topping up their minerals from moist stones at a brook.ter
  5. Silver-washed Fritillary on thistle flower

    Silver-washed Fritillary on thistle flower

    A common butterfly in July and August. This was shot in the Šarka nature reserve in Prague
  6. Greg Shchepanek


    Caterpillars represent just one stage of this transformational trek — the larval stage — during which their main purpose is to eat and grow. They grow so much during their brief lives that they typically shed their skin several times, often revamping their appearance from one instar phase to the...
  7. Greg

    Your opinion? Butterfly holidays

    Hi everyone. Im on holidays with my news mirrorless camera. And it got wifi connexion with my phone !!! I don't have macro lens but i Can put m'y raynox 250 on m'y 12-60. https://add.pics/image/Gforj
  8. Dan_roberts_photography

    Your opinion? Beautiful Butterfly

  9. Dan_roberts_photography

    Your opinion? Butterfly

    Love the way the wings look like burnt charcoal, pretty
  10. D

    Your opinion? Comma

  11. D

    Owl butterfly

    Canon EOS 40D Sigma 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM ƒ/7.1 1/250 s iso 320 Tripod No stacking
  12. D


    Canon Canon EOS 30D ƒ/6.3 Sigma 180mm f / 3.5L Macro USM 1/400s ISO100 Trépied
  13. Paulo Nobre

    Your opinion? Some more insects

  14. Tronto

    Your opinion? Green butterfly

    Old picture. Taken with Nikon D300 and nikkor:105mm
  15. Shan

    Closed Theme Butterflies...

    starting a thread here with butterflies....all please add on with your butterfly pictures. Exif Charaxes bernardus, India f32 1/320 iso100 flash: unmounted, fired
  16. Shan

    Your opinion? My butterflies

    Hey...starting off with my favorite subject..butterflies....kindly share your butterfly pictures here