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  1. Mudart

    Want critique This hover fly came by to say hi this Christmas to my chrysanthemums

  2. Jack

    Happy Christmas Everyone !!!!

    Hello everyone. I wish you all a Happy Merry Christmas !!! This important day I wish everyone to spend every second with family, beloved and friends. This is the day only 1 thing matters, where, and with whom you will spend the entire day and every minute. I really hope everyone's wish will...
  3. Jack

    Show your Christmas tree

    Hello everyone. This could be interesting topic. If you have a Christmas tree. You can show it here. Mobile phone images are accepted too.
  4. Bihari

    Want critique Christmas edition

  5. nataliaflejszar&Photo

    Movies Your favourite Christmas movie or series?

    What is your favourite Christmas movie or series? ;)
  6. nataliaflejszar&Photo

    Music Your favourite Christmas song?

    What is your favourite Christmas song?
  7. Jack

    Have you bought Christmas tree ?

    Have you bought Christmas tree, or not yet ? What would you prefer plastic tree or natural. I’m thinking to buy plastic one, as will last longer and also save the nature. Thinking also to buy some Christmas toys, maybe to do some macro pictures too.