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  1. Bart the belgian

    Want critique blue hands and fingers

    Ok, I searched for more contrast in this picture. Normally the focus is more on "the right place". What can i do to make the next pictures better?
  2. Luca85

    Your opinion? Poppy details

    Good morning guys, poppy details! ;) Regards Luca :)
  3. Luca85

    Your opinion? Details flower

    EXIF data: f / 11 0,6sec ISO 100 tripod Nikon d7100 with 105mm micro lens Good light Luca
  4. Luca85

    Your opinion? Watch details BW

    Exif data iso 100 105mm f3.5 1/125 10 shots with nikon d7100 processed in Lightroom and united with Photoshop! :) Regards Luca
  5. Mareckitx

    Closed Game What this is ? Nr6

    S1/80 F4.8 ISO 1250