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  1. ChanPaul

    Your opinion? Assassin Fly aka Robber Fly

    the Asilidae are the Robber Fly family, also called Assassin Flies - they are powerfully built, bristly flies with a short, stout proboscis enclosing the sharp, sucking hypopharynx the name "robber flies" reflects their notoriously aggressive predatory habits; they feed mainly or exclusively on...
  2. Desc1234

    Your opinion? Beelzebub. Single shot

  3. Greg

    Your opinion? Flies stack 8 handhelded

    Hi ! I try a function on my camera : 4k mode, it take a kind of movie where I can choose pictures I want. So I take a 3 seconds 4k, and select 8 picture to try focus stacking.
  4. Greg

    Your opinion? A kinf of fly ?

    Hi, I tried to take a moment outside to shoot something else, but I saw that, i tried to shoot, but those days are too windy ...
  5. Greg

    Your opinion? Flie Hello ! Coucou ^^

    A flie, saying Hello ! In french : Coucou !
  6. Greg

    Your opinion? Flie

    Here is a flie ! I like to take picture of it, but not so easy sometimes
  7. Shan

    Your opinion? Flies in love

    These two held position for quite some time. There was also a little fly excreta at 5 o clock position!
  8. grphotog641

    Your opinion? Flies

    I made a wonderful discovery today! Apparently there are flies that like to hang out on the trunk of the Japanese maple in my backyard. I'm still very new at trying to capture live insects handheld, but these were kind enough to stay still. In all the photos, the flies were actually pointed...
  9. C

    Your opinion? Dagger flies