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  1. G

    Photography Better photos with food color

    Hi, How do you achive better photos with food coloring? I drop it in a glass of water, but not everything is in focus and the photo looks distorted. Bellow is my best photo of food coloring in water but I don't like it that much compared to photos I find on a simple search on Google Images.
  2. Greg Shchepanek

    Pizza Lovers Listen up!

    This post is for you @Jack I know you are a big fan of & your country & city comes in first place: I have to go back to London now for sure!
  3. Shan

    Your opinion? food is food

    when you are really hungry....
  4. Tronto

    Thailand food market

  5. Greg Shchepanek

    Just Wondering how you are Doing Without Going out & About?

    It is killing me to not be out at my favourite places...The Moscow Tea Room, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: