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  1. C

    Your opinion? "Why Do I hear Boss Music

  2. C

    Your opinion? 80's DIsco Vibes

  3. C

    Birds "Family Reunion"

    A bunch of pigeons chillin' near my window.
  4. C

    Your opinion? "Cyperpunk vibes"

    Macro shot of a Toy Hot Wheels scale 1:64
  5. Pranay P Mohanty

    Hi there guys!

    Am new to this group. Am a banker by profession and a photographer by passion. I am more into macro, wildlife, birding and landscape. I love biking, reading and working out in the gym. Thanks for having me here!
  6. New homemade diffuser in progress

    New homemade diffuser in progress

    Here are some pictures of my new prototype of homemade curved diffuser for my brand new cobra flash Godox V350o. Still have some little modifications to apply but I'm pretty satisfied by the look of it.
  7. Softbox


  8. A

    Hi there!

    My name is Aaron and I've been a photographer hobbyist for over a decade now. Currently, I shoot with a Canon T7i and my 3 coveted lenses are the 50mm 1.8, 24mm 2.8, and 100mm 2.8 macro. I tend to only shoot with prime lenses as they give me the sharpest images without breaking the bank. I...
  9. Home Made Diffuser

    Home Made Diffuser

    easily assembled at site and with LED lights for night macro, fits into camera bag and can be used with most flash with test shot of Jumping Spider in my washroom ~ f/8, 1/250 sec, ISO 100, 90mm focal length, spot metering and with 1/16 flash
  10. Semi-Homemade diffuser

    Semi-Homemade diffuser

    This has really helped to soften and spread my light more evenly for macro shots. I can adjust the whole flash rig up or down with the attached adjustable hot shoe attachment. Standard pringles can was too long, so I opted for the mini can size.
  11. Home Made Macro Diffuser

    Home Made Macro Diffuser

    my 2nd attempt at making a macro diffuser small & light and easily assembled at site ~ fits into camera bag
  12. home made diffuser

    home made diffuser

    found a little screen from my son's drawer and decided to try making a diffuser {i am yet to own one} since all my macro shots are always too harsh and subject too bright n shinning - woks basically and can even shoot at f/22 at 1/4 flash power but not too happy as too much light loss into the...
  13. priyambubai

    Hey there everyone, greetings from India.

    Hello everyone, It's Priyam from India. I've come to know about this community through Reddit and thanks for inviting me. One of my favourite hobbies is taking pictures & my most favourite genre is macro. I've been taking macro photos for almost 6 or 7 years since I've owned a smartphone. I used...
  14. Dalantech

    Greetings from Italy

    I'm an American network engineer working in the Campania region of Italy, currently living in Lago Patria. So I'm pretty much just a geek with a macro lens. I've been shooting single frame macro hand held for 15 years, and if you have any questions about macro photography or light I'd be happy...
  15. Idiocerus

    Want critique Dragonfly

    Dragonfly in the yard let me do a quick little photo shoot.
  16. Ron Westbroek

    Your opinion? Large Green grasshopper (nymph).

    It still needs to grow a bit because it is only 4mm small. E-M1MarkIII, M.Zuiko 60mmf/2.8 macro, iso 100, 1/160sec, f/2.8 Stack of fifteen photos taken in the camera Hand held Daylight
  17. Ragnar18

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I am a Biologist and a lover of macro photography, I hope to learn a lot and be able to show my work.
  18. A

    Your opinion? Pulsatilla vulgaris

    Pulsatilla vulgaris - Mars 2021 With an hour more for the COVID curfew since today, it changes everything is immediately better for this kind of photo.
  19. Macroderie

    Challenge Extreme Macro

    Hello members, This is a challenge event for members. Please do post the best Extreme Macro images. Rules: 1 entry per photographer. No discussions allowed. Only 5 slots available. Winner: The best image voted by Forum @Mentor , will be added to the Awards photo album and these images...
  20. A

    Your opinion? Fritillaria meleagris

    Fritillaria meleagris - Fritillaire Pintade Wild flower protected in Burgundy because it is becoming quite rare