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  1. Studio Mineralia

    Your opinion? Fluorite twin with Quartz Crystals. Connecticut, USA

  2. joined_video_a3eb6eb62e68459ebe329e8bf2fc081f.MP4


    Fluorapophyllite. Nasik, Maharashtra, India. A classic miniature from the Rock H. Currier Collection No. 4495 The yellow ID disc is a 3-hole punched paper reinforcement ring.
  3. The Silent Dancer. Quartz, Jeffrey Quarry, Arkansas, USA

    The Silent Dancer. Quartz, Jeffrey Quarry, Arkansas, USA

    3 cm tall, 1 cm wide, Rock Currier Collection No. 3818. What appears to me a tether to the underworld is actually thread that connects to a small yellow circular specimen label, a repurposed 3-ring binder paper reinforcement ring. Termed "solution quartz" as it grew with no matrix attachment.
  4. Helix_2648

    Others Extreme macro of minerals

    Hi @ all, I made two pictures to test my new camera in combination with my 60mm macro and a Raynox DCR-250 lens. Critism and comments are welcome! The red cristals are about 2-3mm!