orb weaver

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  1. Orbweaver Spider.jpg

    Orbweaver Spider.jpg

    this mama Orb-Weaver spider is having her lunch and at the same time keeping an eye on her precious eggs in the bell shaped enclosure - meanwhile dinner is already waiting at the bottom right
  2. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? The strangest spider I have found so far....Scorpion-tailed Spider (Arachnura higginsi)

    Hello, This photo is from a few months back. I was looking around my front garden when I noticed a very unusual spider web, the web had width as well as depth, it was like comparing a 3d object vs a picture, it was extremely complex and relatively small. I looked at the web for a while when I...
  3. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Orb Weaver "saves" a failed shot

    Hello, I was trying to get a new refraction shot using the web from a Orb Weaver spider that lives amongst a bromeliads plants in my backyard. I would not bothered posting it as it was a failure ( the daisy i was trying to use in the refraction was too far away from the web and it did not fill...
  4. TomM

    Your opinion? Knobbled Orb Weaver

  5. TomM

    Your opinion? New Zealand Green Cryptaranea Orb Weaver

  6. TomM

    Your opinion? Knobbled Orb Weaver

    Female Knobbled Orb weaver in web, New Zealand.
  7. Mareckitx

    Your opinion? “Cookie “ spider

    Huge orb weaver spider in my garden , called him cookie because his body looks like cookie 🍪 S1/60 F25. ISO 320 SB-800 flash without diffuser