praying mantis

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  1. Psychedelic Mantis...

    Psychedelic Mantis...

  2. Mantis Legs_01_2048.jpg

    Mantis Legs_01_2048.jpg

    Praying Mantis
  3. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Long time no see...False Garden Mantis

    Hi, I had not seen a mantis for at least a decade, they are tricky to spot but I do spend a fair amount of time outdoors. Anyways, this past June during our winter we had a week of particularly cold weather and I found this mantis inside, it stayed inside for a few days. Shallow DOF and...
  4. TomM

    Your opinion? South African Mantis

  5. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Praying mantis

    Here is another photo taken 30 minutes ago. Normaly I don't shoot praying mantis because there is too much mantis around my home. But this one was flying and land on my arm so....I shoot her. Effective magnification 3:1 Handheld single shot with Nikon D7200, Laowa 100mm, Neewer cobra flash and...
  6. Mantis at sundown

    Mantis at sundown

    against the light of a praying mantis on flower of Corsican immortals
  7. Mantis Man

    Your opinion? Sphodromantis Sp blue flash

    Hi kongo the 2nd here, sadly she is gone now, however she was a beauty and loved to pose. Sphodromantis Sp blue flash