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  1. TomM

    Your opinion? Knobbled Orb Weaver

    Female Knobbled Orb weaver in web, New Zealand.
  2. isulanu

    Your opinion? on the lookout

    My girst post : a spider" Araniella cucurbitina"
  3. Greg

    Your opinion? My best spider ?

    Hi, after training, listening your advices, here is, maybe, my best spider ^^
  4. Greg

    Your opinion? SPIDER ! NEED TRAINING !!! lol

    Hi, I need more training, but the spider on my balcony helped me ^^
  5. Greg

    Your opinion? Spider (but wind)

    Hi, I tried to shoot a spider on it's web, to upgrade my skills with my Sigma 105 2.8 macro + Raynox 250. But the wind moved the web , so here is the best shot i got
  6. Bart the belgian

    Your opinion? little yellow spider

    iso: 1000, F/22 and 1/60 sec (flash godox and diffuser)
  7. Mareckitx

    Your opinion? Tiger spider

    Tiger spider shot with Nikon D70S about 15 years ago ( no camera setting , I’m sorry)