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  1. ChanPaul

    Your opinion? Jumping Spider

    Jumping spiders are the largest group of spiders on Earth, with over 6,200 species The eyes of jumping spiders have a decidedly odd arrangement :~ Two smaller eyes bracket two large eyes that rest in the center of their rectangular heads But it’s their four oversized eyes that give them...
  2. Rick

    Your opinion? When the predator becomes the prey

    Went out this morning in hope to find something to upload for my first pic on this forum. This is a stack of two handheld images taken with a Canon 60D and Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro, Raynox DCR-250. Looking for advice on how I can improve, both with imaging and posting! :ROFLMAO: I have no idea...
  3. Helix_2648

    Closed Theme Spiders - Part 2

    Subject: Spiders (Part 2) Start: 27/08/2020 Rules: Image must be taken by you. (You have rights over the image). Posts: One image per reply, and posts as many as you wish. End: 07/09/2020 (could be extended) Let me start with this one:
  4. Richard147

    Your opinion? Spiders.

    First image Five frames stacked Canon 6d mkii Tamron 90mm 1/25 f10 ISO 320, Second image Canon 6d mkii Tamron 90mm 1/25 f6 Iso320.
  5. Darren

    Macro setup for Spiders/insects vid - using a Fish Tank!

    Follow on from someones query about shooting insects, this was my set up for doing Macro of spiders using natural daylight (we have had some nice weather recently) But you could also use constant light sources, or diffused flashes with this set up I had no trouble with and reflection due to the...
  6. LeeTan

    Your opinion? Dinner the Covi9

  7. Shan

    Your opinion? Are spiders insects?

    just showing off a couple of spiders.