splash art

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  1. Ray Paul

    Your opinion? splash art

    splash art using Splash Art 2 machine
  2. Ray Paul

    Your opinion? milk art

    splash art using milk
  3. Helix_2648

    Guide Splash art tutorial

    Originally uploaded by @Andy Taylor LRPS on May 13h, 2020 Splash art tutorial. All my splash art images are created with the Splash art kit 2, My camera is the Nikon D300s, exposure is, Mirror up, F/11-F/16. The shutter is controlled by a control box. The splash art kit releases two drops at...
  4. BrianG

    Red drops

  5. BrianG

    one of many i`ve done using my home made waterdrop machine

  6. Little-em

    Your opinion? Tap water dropper

    F/8.0 shutter speed1/1000 55.00mm ISO 800.