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  1. Making a spider home for home studio.

    Making a spider home for home studio.

    I frequently collect some spiders from nearby gardens and keep them in my home studio for about a week. Bring the spider out of its temporary home and do some photoshoots in my tabletop studio. I am uploading a few slides, describing a very simple technique for making a spider home
  2. Chris's waterdrop setup

    Chris's waterdrop setup

  3. My homemade water drop kit...

    My homemade water drop kit...

    After reading I decided to build my own, controller included. First picture shows the general setup. Second photo shows the valve assembly and the gatorade bottle... ehemm... water reservoir. Third one is the...
  4. Ink art

    Ink art

    It is a very basic setup and low cost (other then the lens and flash.) I have played around with a lot of materials with this and always go back to either calligraphy ink or one called black magic ink for my blacks. I've used lots of dyes for colours from soap dyes to food colouring,, as well...
  5. My extreme macro Home Studio

    My extreme macro Home Studio

    I use a disposable coffee cup with a hole that fits in the lens. LED desk light used to focus on the subject. Clamp to accommodate the subject. Flashes with diffusers, the power depends on the magnification & aperture. Sometimes I use extension tubes with the Laowa, also have some microscope...
  6. Tronto

    Your opinion? Flower studio

    Have a nice weekend to all... Fuji x-t1 F:11 Shutter:200 Iso:800