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My homemade water drop kit...

Single valve waterdrop kit with arduino controller
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General Information

Nikkor 18-300 F6.3
Yongnuo YN 560 III
After reading https://macroderie.com/showcase/homemade-frame-for-water-drop-kit-and-how-to-guide.57/ I decided to build my own, controller included.
First picture shows the general setup.
Second photo shows the valve assembly and the gatorade bottle... ehemm... water reservoir.
Third one is the controller.
Controller is built using an Arduino One begginner kit, a 4 micro-relay shield, 4 digit display and rotary encoder.

Pressing the red button fires the sequence: first drop, delay, second drop, delay, camera shutter. ( I later modified the software for 3 drops)

The other buttons, together with the rotary encoder and the display, allow to adjust drop size and delays, all in milliseconds.

More details:
Three digital Arduino outputs connected to three microrelays drive the valve, the camera "pre fire" (halfway shutter press) and the shutter.
Two digital outputs drive the four digit display.
Five digital inputs used for the buttons, two more for the rotay encoder + one for the encoder pushbutton
Valve is V221-06 from E-MC, 12 volt DC solenoid valve.

The software is very simple indeed.

This video shows the operation (recorded in the kitchen another studio location)

If any of the forum members is interested in more details just contact me.


The audirno looks like an interesting set up! I built.my own waterdrop setup with an arduino
Here is my home made water dropper. There is an LCD screen and I can vary the settings.number of drops,time between drops, how long the solenoid stays open= drop size.
I had help with the program for the arduino.
2- YN560 flashes


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