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  1. Making a spider home for home studio.

    Making a spider home for home studio.

    I frequently collect some spiders from nearby gardens and keep them in my home studio for about a week. Bring the spider out of its temporary home and do some photoshoots in my tabletop studio. I am uploading a few slides, describing a very simple technique for making a spider home
  2. Chris's waterdrop setup

    Chris's waterdrop setup

  3. My homemade water drop kit...

    My homemade water drop kit...

    After reading I decided to build my own, controller included. First picture shows the general setup. Second photo shows the valve assembly and the gatorade bottle... ehemm... water reservoir. Third one is the...
  4. Anut


  5. Homemade frame for Water Drop Kit and how to guide

    Homemade frame for Water Drop Kit and how to guide

    Water drop Photography. I have been doing this for a number of years now. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me. I may update this post as I have free time to include liquid recipe etc. It all starts out basic.... A crown , made by putting down a droplet onto acrylic sheet...
  6. Jack

    Photography List the most likely ways to make money out of photography

    Hello all. As we are all photographers, for some of us making money out of photography can be crucial for some could be a nice passive income. In your experience or mind. What's the ways to make money out of photography? That's my list which I have in mind: Selling images on stock...
  7. C

    Your opinion? "Why Do I hear Boss Music

  8. C

    Your opinion? Toy Hot Wheels Bat Plane scale 1:64

  9. C

    Your opinion? 80's DIsco Vibes

  10. C

    "Family Reunion"

    A bunch of pigeons chillin' near my window.
  11. Jack

    Arsenal Gear

    Hello. I just came across with Arsenal website and seems they offer a gadget which will automatically adjust picture settings. Have anyone tried it?
  12. Dalantech's Macro Rig

    Dalantech's Macro Rig

    I like to keep the gear list short and simple cause I want the critter to dictate how I'm gonna shoot it, instead of picking a certain piece of gear or style and then go looking for something that fits "inside the box".
  13. Jack

    Finally bought camera backpack

    Finally bought a camera backpack, after some months of researching. I decided to buy LowerPro Tactic BP450 AW II I just received the bag today, and my first impression, very happy and satisfied with it. I was also surprised how much room there is, which gives me opportunities to buy more lenses...
  14. My photography equipment

    My photography equipment

    Just some of my photography equipment iv gathered over the years e quite additive
  15. My equipment

    My equipment

    Well, @Jack "dared" me to post an image of my equipment. I had never seen it laid out side by side like this. Some of this equipment has been with me for over 10 years, other stuff is newer. Some of it sees near-daily use, other stuff I just happen to need twice a year. I rarely purchase...
  16. Jack

    Drone photography

    Has anyone here experienced photography with a Drone? I really saw some nice images made by a drone. But these drones aren't cheap at all as well.
  17. My equipment

    My equipment

    My basic equipment of recent years. The vacuum cleaner is a small joke, I have used the vacuum cleaner tube as a macro ring, as in this picture :D Sorry for the text, it is in Estonian because the picture was taken. earlier for one article
  18. Jack

    Locations How often you are going out for photography ?

    How often you are going out to take images ? As we are all photographers, and somehow we need make a balance between personal life and our hobby. Me, I found this a bit difficult , due of current situation, plus work and site maintenance, also I forgot to mention the outside weather.
  19. Greg Shchepanek

    Photography High Resolution Snowflake Photography

    For @Greg the highest resolution of snowflake photography has been accomplish please find here examples of the work. I believe Greg will find this interesting and enviable. Check out : Snowflakes
  20. Greg Shchepanek

    Up Close to Endangered Birds Photography

    Wow, just wow, these portrait are just simply amazing and a paramount in bird photography. Just had to share with you guys this amazing captures: Bird Portraits