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  1. Anitairl

    Want critique German yellowjacket wasp

    Playing hide and seek with this beauty
  2. priyambubai

    Your opinion? || A Super Close-up of a Wasp ||

    So I saw a dead wasp the other day and took it home and placed it on my mouse pad. Clicked several pictures and stacked them in Photoshop. This is a stacked image of 84 photos. The photos were taken with Sony A7iii with 55-210mm lens with Raynox DCR-250 attached. I have used external flash with...
  3. A Super Close-up of a Wasp

    A Super Close-up of a Wasp

    I saw a dead wasp yesterday and took it home and placed it on my mouse pad. Clicked several pictures and stacked them in Photoshop. This is a stacked image of 41 photos.
  4. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Cuckoo wasp asleep on my finger

    Here is a single shot made two days ago of a tiny cuckoo wasp asleep on my finger. The frame is 9mm long.
  5. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Cuckoo wasp on my hand

    Here is a cuckoo wasp found yesterday during a cloudy afternoon. Handheld single shot at 3:1 magnification ratio. Here is a video of the beast on my hand: video
  6. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Cuckoo wasp

    Every night since 3 days I go outside to find cuckoo wasp asleep on thin dry grasses. Here is one found yesterday. 4mm long.
  7. Bart the belgian

    Want critique Exploring the flower

    OK, now with the photo. I took this picture while laying down in the grass
  8. Jeroen

    Your opinion? German wasp (Vespula germanica)

    This wasp was chilling in the shadows last summer, such a nice creature to see.
  9. Sparkle2232

    Your opinion? How's my wasp?

    A few weeks ago I was out practicing my macro shots and found a wasp! I believe its a Common Paper wasp.
  10. leroyharding

    Want critique Wasp in flight

    After sitting in my garden next to this flower for about an hour camera in hand, waiting for one of those wasp that was flying around to land on this flower, I wanted to capture it in flight, I knew i had only one shot to nail focus and take the shot. i wanted the flower in focus also the wasp...
  11. leroyharding

    Your opinion? wasp series

    A series of wasp photos taken in my garden 1 of them i put a blue back ground so the wasp would have a good contrast
  12. leroyharding

    Your opinion? Portraits of a wasp

  13. TomM

    Your opinion? Ichneumonid Wasp

  14. Paul Iddon

    Your opinion? Wasp series

    Vespula vulgaris. The common wasp, in the garden today. I don't get too close because when they get intoxicated on the juices of the apples, wasps can get quite aggressive... Paul.
  15. Greg

    Insects What is it ? wasp ?

    Hi , I get it today, looks like a wasp but I don't know what is it ... I saw it being attacked by other bees.
  16. Chavezshutter

    Your opinion? Orange Spider Wasp (Cryptocheilus bicolor) Rye, Victoria

    While on vacations to a nearby beach I saw this beautiful wasp. It is about 4 cm long and it was hunting. It's movement I can only describe as a bee on crack cocaine or some other heavy drug. Very erratic stop and go fast movement, jumpy and very aggressive, it would not sit still for a...
  17. Greg

    Your opinion? Wasp on water

    A wasp, on water lol.
  18. Philippe RAPHAEL

    Your opinion? Wasp

  19. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Cuckoo wasp 2 The return

    Here is one photo of a beautiful cuckoo wasp on my finger. Single shot handheld with D7200, Laowa 100mm supermacro lens and Neewer cobra flash with homemade curved diffuser.
  20. MinitecaPhotographie

    Your opinion? Cuckoo wasp

    Hello everybody, Today I present you by advance (not posted on my own FB page yet) a cuckoo wasp found yesterday afternoon (9pm). I saw 2 different species of cuckoo wasp at the same time and at 20cm one from other. This photo is a focus stacking handheld of 8 shots in burst mode with D7200...