water drops

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  1. Piranha

    Your opinion? Balanced Ball

    This was done using tap water with coloring:
  2. Helix_2648

    Guide Splash art tutorial

    Originally uploaded by @Andy Taylor LRPS on May 13h, 2020 Splash art tutorial. All my splash art images are created with the Splash art kit 2, My camera is the Nikon D300s, exposure is, Mirror up, F/11-F/16. The shutter is controlled by a control box. The splash art kit releases two drops at...
  3. Greg

    Your opinion? Follow my experience

    Hi ! Yesterday I tried water drop experience. I spend 2-3 hours on it. So I wan't to share with you my experiences, and my skills upgrade. I will try to share with you my upgrade, shooting water drops. Let's start ! MY SETUP In the kitchen, A big plate on a bathroom sink A tripod, a bag...
  4. Greg

    Your opinion? Water drop

    Hi all ! Here is my water drop, in late, took during holidays ^^
  5. Little-em

    The expectant mum

    Expecting mother.
  6. Little-em

    Little boy blue

    F/8.0 39.00mm ISO 400 shutter speed1/200
  7. Darren

    Your opinion? Water drops

    Who else tries different things out and gets unexpected results? Traditional off camera speed light, combined with an LED flash
  8. Mareckitx

    Your opinion? Plumerias leaf

    ISO100 F9.0 S1/160 No flash
  9. Andy Taylor LRPS

    Your opinion? Water Splash

    This was produced with water and black ink from my splash art kit 2
  10. Andy Taylor LRPS

    Your opinion? Water on a wire

    Water on a wire
  11. Sue HS

    Your opinion? Dandelion water Art - new to this but keen to learn

  12. JeroenvW

    Others Experimenting and learning