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  1. Jack

    Swapping from WhatsApp to other platform ?

    Interesting question. Is anyone here will swao from WhatsApp to an other platform like Telegram or Signal ? Since they have changed their privacy policy.
  2. Jack

    What are the most popular places in your Country ?

    A bit an off topic discussion. What are the best places to visit in your country or Town ? Which are worth to visit and taking photos. Example in London, the most visited locations are: Buckingham Palace London Eye Tower Bridge London Bridge Oxford Street Regents Street Covent Garden O2...
  3. Greg Shchepanek

    Did your Country make the List?

    For World Habitat today: Happiness is a difficult thing to measure, but one initiative at the United Nations has been trying to figure it out. Every year, the U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network publishes its World Happiness Report...
  4. Jack


    Did the coronavirus finished in your country ? Here in U.K. are still some restrictions , and if I want to travel abroad when coming back I need to stay in quarantine. Is the same in your country ?
  5. Jack

    End of COVID 19?

    A new subject regarding this virus. What's the situation in your country , did all restrictions had been taken off or no ? In UK looks like it's getting to normal. And I hope it will.
  6. Jack

    Situation in your country?

    Hello everyone, I know that is off-topic question here, but still want to know. How's going on in your country, taking in consideration current situation with covid-19 ? I spoke to one friend , and he said that is struggling to find a job, because of this virus. And I was wondering if this...
  7. Greg Shchepanek

    Others Endangered Species: Have you met any?...Making it a Special Place.

    I have been blessed to meet some of the most Endangered Species on my travels throughout North America. Have you met any of your own? Please post your experiences here, I would love to see what you have come across in that big world of ours. The Ghost Tiger Beetle (Ellipsoptera lepida) Ottawa...
  8. Greg Shchepanek

    Others Your Favourite Special Place Ecosystem on this Planet?

    I would have say mine are: Number 1 = Canada's Arctic; #2 American Desert and #3 Wetlands. What are yours? #1 Canada's Arctic #2 American Desert #3 Wetlands