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Aluminum Drill Bit Shavings

Shot using a Sony a6400, Laowa 65mm 2:1 lens. Some are stacked focus while others are left alone to show how shallow the DOF I'm working with.

4x3 3X img instagram.jpg 2022-05-08 14-58-33 (B,Radius8,Smoothing2)-SharpenAI-Focus.jpg DSC02142.jpg DSC02153-2.jpg
Always been a nerd for photography and cameras. The whole aspects of how a camera worked intrigued me. Started out as a kid with a Sony Cybershot point-n-shoot camera then eventually to a full blown DSLR. Still learning this art and pushing...
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Andy Smith

New Member
1 2
Sep 17, 2021
Nice concept here Israel.pov, I am not really finding the orange/teal colour works on every image though. It looks nice on the very close up images but I don't think it works as well on the wider shots.
The close up shots in image 1,3 & 4 work well and are interesting in composition and detail because they are more abstract I think than the other shots.
Nicely done, I like the idea.


Staff member
3 3 1
Feb 21, 2021
I find the colours are interesting. I enjoy to see the spiral shape of the bits. You did well!
The last photo is very nice 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.

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